Diana and Patrick Gal-Pzabo Wedding

Being a wedding DJ in Phoenix, AZ is a great experience for us however, it’s a truly amazing experience when you get to be apart of a wedding that celebrates true love. YBS Pros had the honor of hosting and emceeing the wedding of Diana and Patrick Gal-Pzabo at The Farm located at South Mountain. It was such an incredible experience, we couldn’t help but share our experience from YBS Pro’s point of view.

Pre-ceremony and reception

We arrived at The Farm and were instantly taken away by the size of this venue. We pull into the venue and pass by a lovely restaurant. As we continue down a dirt road, we are surrounded by two grassy areas the size of a park. At the end of the dirt entrance, we come to another restaurant and then eventually the official venue, Stone Grove.

Once locating the official venue, we go to find wedding planner, Melissa Tinajero, owner of Moelleux Events. Melissa and team already have a tremendous amount of setup completed so we walk into another breathtaking view.

The dining area is ready and set to host all of Diana and Patrick’s family, friends and guests.

Just behind the dining area is where the ceremony will take place which has been beautifully decorated with greenery and life.

Once we were able to catch our breath, we began our setup. We found the dance floor and started to build the evening around the guest’s experience. YBS Pros positioned Emcee, Special K, right in between the bar, dance floor and dining area.

Once setup was completed, we patiently waited and continued to go through the itinerary for the day.

Guests Arriving + Ceremony

As guests began to arrive, Special K played music that was provided by the bride and groom. We loved the music and ambiance that their playlist provided!

Once it was time for the ceremony, the music was turned off and the violinist started her song to invite the bride and groom up to the officiant.

Diana and Patrick exchanged beautiful vows and dedicated themselves to one another for the rest of their lives.

Cocktail Hour + Reception

Once the ceremony was completed, the bride and groom made their way to document their wedding day while their guests moved into cocktail hour.

Their guests not only enjoyed an open bar but enjoyed the lovely voice and ensembles of guitarist Dan Lee from Co-Audio Productions.

Pictures were taken with the Bride and Groom which means we were moving onto the father daughter dance where Diana and her father danced a very impressive tango.

Followed by Patrick and his mother dancing to an amazing rendition of “You Are My Sunshine” by Johnny Cash.

As the sun began to set and the dinner hour approached, Diana and Patrick invited their guest to enjoy dinner while enjoying several words of wisdom, affections and laughs from their friends and family.

As speeches were taking place and guests were enjoying their dinner, we took a moment to capture DJ Special K on this unique and amazing day.

Now of course every dinner is accompanied with a wedding cake but not all weddings are blessed with a cake like this.

There were a total of three cakes.

After dessert, it was time to PARTY!!

Dance Party

The ceremony was done, dinner was completed, guests have had several cocktails and the sun was beginning to set. All of this equated to party time, however, we couldn’t get final sign off until the groom gave the official party signal.

Let’s just say…PJ was ready to dance!

He gave us the green light instantly. DJ Special K intuitively moved the guests through the 90’s and rocked the guests through the millennium. From there, the party was contagious!

While music is the variable to persuade all guests to dance, there is nothing like a foggy dance floor to get guests to move and groove with DJ Special K.

Once the bride and groom joined the dance floor with their guests, the party was unstoppable! Requests came in from all different genres and eras include Space Jam from the 90’s, “Truth Hurts” by Lizzo, and so many more!

The dance party continued on for many more hours but finally ended around 10pm but it could not have ended any more beautiful. DJ Special K, decided to let guests politely know that the wedding was coming to an end and it was officially closing time.

The song, “Closing Time” by band Semisonic, started playing and the bride and groom slowly started to dance together. All friends and family started forming a beautiful circle around one another and holding each other to embrace the love that they witnessed that day.

I have never experienced such a natural and beautiful symbol of love like we experienced with this wedding couple.

The Diana and Patrick Gal-Pzabo wedding was truly one for the books! It was housed in an amazing venue, invited incredible friends and family, and most of all…celebrated the love of two truly amazing individuals.

Congratulations to Diana and Patrick and thank you for allowing us to be apart of your special day.